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Hat – Light Brown


2.53 (4397 reviews)

Venezuelan handmade hats from the leaf of palm trees.

Indian tribes in Venezuela use this leaf to build baskets, hats, pillows for their personal use. During the last two decades, the use of this material has become more and more popular due to its resistance and for how pretty it looks.

This hat can be used for any kind of outdoor activities. It won’t fly away and is water resistant. There are two colors – light and dark brown. Before ordering, we advice you to measure your head so we can have it done specifically for you!

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Venezuelan handmade hats from the leaf of palm trees.

Indian tribes in Venezuela use this leaf to build baskets, hats, pillows for their personal use. During the last two decades, the use of this material has become more and more popular due to its resistance and for how pretty it looks.

This hat can be used for any kind of outdoor activities. It won’t fly away and is water resistant. There are two colors – light and dark brown. Before ordering, we advice you to measure your head so we can have it done specifically for you!

4397 reviews for Hat – Light Brown

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